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Biden Schedule | Tuesday, August 16, 2022

12:05 pm || Departs South Carolina
1:50 pm || Arrives White House
3:30 pm || Delivers remarks and signs the Inflation Reduction Act; State Dining Room
7:00 pm || Departs White House
10:15 pm || Arrives Delaware

All times Eastern


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6 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Tuesday, August 16, 2022”

  1. Inflation Induction Act.
    Once again, Dems calling it something it aint.
    Was away a few days. One relative, who works in the public sector, and is 45ish, commented that at last we are doing something to address climate change. I nearly spit out my gin n tonic. I calmly asked, have you read any of the details of the bill, and tell me one way spending billions will combat what many perceive to be the issue of the day? Silence, and then, ” well, at least we are trying”. I laughed and said yeah, that’s it, we’re trying. Wait til you feel the effect of trying. Then I refilled my glass.

  2. It requires much work and energy to catch a plane that once you’re on it requires every other plane on tarmac to move so it can take off and land on demand. Then have a motorcade, not once stopping once it’s moving- drive you to your temporary residence to sign a piece of paper. Then hop into motorcade and plane to fly home for an extended weekend in Delaware. All this after a vacation.

    I want that role!

    This current president makes the case for the decline of work ethics in America.

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