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Video | Biden lands in South Carolina for a vacation

The president decided he needed a rest from all those three-day weekends at the beach in Rehoboth, Delaware, so he headed to Kiawah Island for a vacation.

Note Hunter Biden tagging along.

9 thoughts on “Video | Biden lands in South Carolina for a vacation”

  1. Come on… Hunter can only paint so much!

    Biden did his job lowering the inflation rate! What more can he do! Besides he needs to be in top top shape when he signs the disastrous “Internal Revenue Bill” next week after his vacation of course.

    I was certain the video would show him looking “for someone” to shake their hand after he was done shaking hands.


  2. I assume Hunter brought along an entire suitcase full of cocaine, and several suitcases full of cash for “The Big Guy.”

    1. It looked like they had enough suitcases, a Gladstone bag, a vanity case, a couple of trunks and more, to live in South Carolina for weeks!
      All carried by Biden’s slaves, of course.

      1. No joke. After all that’s gone on this week, he’s taking a vacation 30 miles down the road, I kid you not, from Fort Sumter.

        What. Just, what.

        I mean, seriously, Casey Stengal, call your office. Can’t anybody in Brandonland play this game? Optics? What are those?

        If it gets any worse, this guy might even get called out as running a banana republic, by some head of state in Central America.

        Oh, wait.

  3. The president is thumbing all Americans in the eye by bringing his son Hunter along for the vacation. Nothing say “we got away with it” like the Biden boyz.

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