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Top Biden aide can’t say why President adding more IRS agents but not Border Patrol

Now which do Americans want, Fox News’ Martha McCallum wants to know, more IRS agents snooping around their finances or more people to protect the border and help Border Patrol agents, who are completely overwhelmed? White House adviser Gene Sperling can’t explain.

This White House cares about raising taxes, not protecting the border.

3 thoughts on “Top Biden aide can’t say why President adding more IRS agents but not Border Patrol”

  1. Good for Martha McColllum. It’s useless talking to biden or any of his corrupt white house people. It’s like talking to a wall made of hard rock which is also a description of their hearts, solid rock and ice-cold. These people could care less about the pain being suffered by Americans and also of illlegals at the border. They do care about harassing hard working Americans by whatever means which includes hiring huge numbers of IRS agents to go after hard working Americans. Our country is in need of passionate prayers.

    1. We all know the answer why. Those 87,000 heavily armed IRS Agents will be unleashed to persecute conservatives, gun owners, Trump supporters, and anyone who doesn’t agree with The Left’s radical agenda.

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