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Video | Dick Cheney reemerges to try to save daughter Liz from likely defeat

Rep. Liz Cheney is expected to lose the Republican primary for her House seat in Wyoming later this month, at least in part because of her attack on Donald Trump.

Dad’s not happy about it.

6 thoughts on “Video | Dick Cheney reemerges to try to save daughter Liz from likely defeat”

  1. Still alive.
    His support of his kin is admirable and considering all he has been through, he carried this off better than the current Pres or VP could. But, deep down, Cheney is part of the cabal that is the Washington fabric, the part that pats each other on the back and snickers in the corner as the common working class and those striving to be better see no relief from a bloated beaurocratic machine that is self focused and unfortunately uncaring. Bring on that new party, lets see some true empathy and support for Americans, not words and rhetoric from two old parties that have lost their compass. I don’t know if the new party is good, I don’t know it it will get traction, but I for one will be looking at it.

    1. Well said. Cheney, go back to shooting people with shotguns. You were more significant in that role. And safer to the US. Go back to the swamp.

  2. I used to have respect for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al. Not anymore. Swamp dwellers all, in their own various forms, working their hustle within and outside the federal government. They hate Trump because he isn’t part of the big graft scheme of the Uni-Party and he exposed these cockroaches to the light of day.

  3. I guess Daddy Dick wants to protect the war class to continue to make the millions him and his ilk make on the backs of the poor that go to war.

  4. Liz Cheney deserves to lose her seat in Wyoming. She has said so many cruel, nasty and untrue things about President Trump! I hope no-one votes for her.

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