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White House careful not to say it approves of Pelosi’s Taiwan trip

President Biden “respects” the decision by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to travel to Taiwan, according to White House spokesman John Kirby.

He believes her trip is “consistent” with past U.S. foreign policy, Kirby said. But the White House appears to be carefully avoiding saying that Biden actually approves of the trip.

Pelosi’s decision to travel to Taiwan, an unnecessary trip that could cause a war and that will only drive China and Russia closer together, was also a big White House mistake. With enough effort and planning, it’s hard to imagine that Biden could not have talked her out of it.

Nevertheless, once it was announced that she was going, she had to go. We could never back down to Chinese threats.

Here is Pelosi arriving in Taiwan to conduct her own foreign policy.

2 thoughts on “White House careful not to say it approves of Pelosi’s Taiwan trip”

  1. Of all the people the Democrats sent to Taiwan, why did it have to be Pelosi? She might get herself killed……or start a war.

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