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Biden once said al Qaeda was ‘gone’ from Afghanistan. Well, they’re back

Perhaps the most important thing about the killing of al Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahri is not that we got him. It’s that we found him living in a luxury home in Kabul.

It’s like killing an ant. That’s fine, but it’s a sure sign there’s a whole nest somewhere close.

President Biden’s hasty retreat from Afghanistan has created a new security problem of the type that killed thousands of Americans 20 years ago.

The Taliban has welcomed al Qaeda back to its former home, from which it struck America. Al Zawarhi will be easily replaced. We’ve killed one guy.

3 thoughts on “Biden once said al Qaeda was ‘gone’ from Afghanistan. Well, they’re back”

  1. Well written, Rebekah.

    They’re ants, they’re roaches. You get rid of one and a lot more are right behind the last one.

    This isn’t about a party, but he shouldn’t be shouting “victory “ either.

  2. Biden does not know who Al Zawarhi is or was.
    The Afghan pull out was political, not strategic.
    And like most ill fated political moves, it had a feel good moment, only to be followed by inevitable pain, destruction, and failure.
    The fear with scooting from the country was that the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and other nefarious groups would infiltrate and reestablish residency.
    We should all be pleased this evil creature is dead.
    But we should all fear the reason why he was there in the first place.

  3. Afghanistan now has everything it wants – al Qaeda, a new leader, and billions of dollars worth of everything they need to destroy their enemies. All this thanks to Joe Biden.

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