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Biden’s recession dishonesty

Perhaps there is some technical definition of a recession. But everyone colloquially defines it as two successive quarters of negative growth. With today’s news that the economy contracted nearly one percent in the second quarter after contracting 1.6 percent in the first, that’s what we’ve got.

And yet.

Apparently, recessions are only for Republican presidents. Of course, the press is marching along in lockstep. Even the Wall Street Journal is buying in.

Recession fears? People aren’t fearing a recession. They are in a recession.

Even people who lie about stuff know that a recession is two straight quarters of negative growth.


8 thoughts on “Biden’s recession dishonesty”

  1. Tonight CNN is talking about recession fears instead of an actunal recession. just as you just wrote.

    Recession fears? People aren’t fearing a recession. They are in a recession.

  2. It is so freaking frustrating. They are playing games, calling it a “transition” instead of “recession. They did the same thing when inflation started raising it’s ugly and destructive head. They called it “transitory” and “temporary”. They were playing word games, all in an attempt to divert public discourse on the real issue. When they finally admitted inflation was real, they decided to play the “blame” game. They will do the same thing when we start seeing negative economic growth in succeeding qtrs. They will blame it on putin, greedy corporations, trump, anybody but themselves. And, of course, the MSM is playing along, the enemy of the people, as President Trump calls it.

    The fact of the matter is they don’t want to solve any of these economic problems that are hurting so many of us hard working Americans. They envision themselves as “Saviors” of this world, saving this planet from “climate change” that they say will soon destroy human life. This is what they mean when they say “transitory”.

    Dictator Xi of China must be ecstatic. Biden is destroying America; it will make it easier for China to take control of the world (unfortunately, they are already making good progress)

    Where are all the huge demonstrations and rage that went on against President Trump when he was president. Even though Americans and America were doing very well, these demonatrators unabashedly and, at times, destructively exhibited their rage against President Trump even though there was no basis for doing so.

    But, where are the massive demonstrations against biden? There is now a REAL basis for demonstrating rage against this corrupt, compromised and cognizant incompetent biden!!!!

    Dark clouds have descended on our nation, bringing with it strong winds leaving behind nothing but a trail of tears, hurt and destruction. Please keep our Nation in your prayers.

  3. When I saw that headline today in the WSJ, my first thought was it’s really, really sad that even the WSJ couldn’t report things accurately.

    Almost every media has gone over to the dark side.

  4. The Left continues their assault on the English language, transforming the common day interpretation and use of the recognizable vernacular into a hodgepodge of disarming words and obscure terms to portray the ugly as attractive.
    It all started with ” investing in America” which means taxing you more. Once voters accepted that slight of mouth, they KNEW they had us, well, most of us.

    The deceit inflicted on the common working family by the left is disgusting.

    1. I totally agree with you Harv. It’s outrageous what they are doing with words to mislead us, to hide their true intentions, to manipulate reality. There are many examples; the latest example is the ” Inflation Reduction Act”, the schumer-manchin boondoggle which if enacted will INCREASE inflation and make life more miserable for hard working American families.
      I’ve stopped using the word “diversity”; I now use “variation” to describe variations on anything or anybody. The “woke” culture has corrupted the “diversity” to have a specific meaning to promote their far left agenda. Enuf said

    2. Orwell, and Stalin’s communists would be so proud of senile Biden & today’s neo-socialist Democrats and their abuse of the English language.

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