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Fauci to make more than the president

That makes sense, because he thinks he is president.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

When he retires in January 2025, Dr. Anthony Fauci will be earning more than President Joe Biden.

Fauci, chief medical adviser to the White House and director of NIAID, can expect to leave his post with a $414,000 per year retirement package. The president currently makes $400,000 per year. Biden, who recently said he has cancer and tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus, would receive a pension of $221,000 if he makes it to retirement, according to analysis from Adam Andrzejewski of OpenTheBooks.

The controversial NIAID head is the highest-paid federal employee by far.

3 thoughts on “Fauci to make more than the president”

  1. During the 2020 elections he had a tremendous influence on the uneducated voter and blue state governments to “change their voting laws!” It was pathetic.

    His many missteps and lies with the virus has caused tremendous undue pain on the youth. They have become germaphobic (sic) and not to mention the loss of education due to stay at home mandates. The wrong influence on doctors too. Can’t enter a doctor’s office without a mask. They should now better!

    Don’t be surprised if he retires early if there is indeed a red wave this fall… let’s hope! Like Hunter he’ll be protected though… ughh!

  2. To me, the issue is not what he earns. No one blames the individual who legitimately plays the game, the system, and comes out with a basket of roses. My problem is the guy should have been put out to pasture a very long time ago.

    DC is filled with a congregation of over the hill beurocrats that consider longevity, not accomplishment, the life goal. I despise that, regardless of which side it comes from.
    My dad was a public school physics teacher, retired at age 58. I was shocked, I was still in college. He went on to work in a number of jobs, multiple jobs at the same time. He had kids to put through college. Years later, I asked him, dad, why did you elect to retire at 58? He simply said, it was the right time for me, I never wanted to ” dog it” on the job. I gained immense respect for him, in that moment. Wish he was still here today, he would have some sage words for the creeps in DC.


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