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Biden says he is doing fine after testing positive for Covid Thursday

One thing about presidents and their health. Don’t believe anything you hear.

Vice President Kamala Harris has tested negative and is continuing with her regular schedule. Biden canceled his appearances.

5 thoughts on “Biden says he is doing fine after testing positive for Covid Thursday”

  1. First,. we know he did not write this, or any other communique.
    2nd, he looks frail, even if this is a stock pic.
    I heard he complained in the night of not feeling well.
    On a personal level, wish him a good recovery.
    Talking of recovery, average Americans are still hurting.
    The only sure thing is that Biden with Covid is as ineffective as Biden w/o Covid.
    Pass the hot sauce.

    1. Why is he smiling at the water bottle?
      A} It just told him a funny joke.
      B) It has vodka in it
      C) He wants to sniff its hair
      D) H e thought it was his cousin from Scranton

  2. I thought he wasn’t going to catch the Wuhan-19er! He told us if were “vaccinated” then “boosted” we’d all live happily ever after!

    Mr Pibb…As for the bottle… he might see his reflection somehow? Then again he may just be a little demented at this point.

  3. I tell ya, the WHD posters keep me chuckling every day. Clever wit, love it all.

    ps.. JB, ” on the job, sharp as ever..” whuh?


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