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Biden poised to begin ‘domestic mobilization’ against climate change

The problem is, he can’t get Congress to act. So like any good authoritarian, he will do it himself. Democracy is such a pain in the butt!

Get ready to be mobilized!

According to the Washington Times:

President Biden is prepared to announce executive actions to combat the threat of climate change, say lawmakers who have spoken to the president and are urging him to act unilaterally now that Congress’ negotiations on green energy legislation have fallen apart.

Mr. Biden is expected to announce steps he will take to reduce carbon emissions as soon as Wednesday when he visits the shuttered Brayton Point power plant in Somerset, Massachusetts, to talk about what he is calling a climate crisis.

“I don’t know the exact words the president is going to use but I think that Joe Biden is poised to use his commander-in-chief authority to invoke a domestic mobilization against the climate crisis,” said Sen. Ed Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat.

Senate Democrats are urging Mr. Biden to act unilaterally now that Sen. Joe Manchin III, a West Virginia Democrat and powerful moderate, has dropped his support for new clean energy tax breaks in a party-line spending bill, killing any chance of legislative action on a climate bill.

5 thoughts on “Biden poised to begin ‘domestic mobilization’ against climate change”

  1. “Climate crisis”. What a load of crap. The climate comes and goes, and has changed any number of times over the centuries.
    I know people won’t agree with me.

    1. I agree with you, Celtic Queen and, I believe, also a lot of Americans.

      I was listening to a lecture on The Middle Ages and the prof said that at that time, Greenland was green and that the weather was warm enough that grapes and other crops could grow in northern Europe (It’s not possible now-a-days). Also, I learned that about 12,000 yrs ago, the Netherlands and England were connected by land BUT because of “warming”, sea levels began to rise to the point that that land is now under water

      So, you are right, weather climate changes come and go.

      We are all paying a high price for this idiocy by biden and ignorant climate change activists.

  2. Biden and his lefties can mobilize all they want, it still dwarfs the pollution spewed by China Russia and India. We’ve taken big steps to curb our emissions, which is not a bad goal, while these other nations laugh at us.

    Same goes to fossil fuel harvesting. We chase rainbows while others giggle and make bank on us.


  3. Per today’s white house schedule, at 2:45 PM
    “The President delivers remarks on tackling the climate crisis and seizing the opportunity of a clean energy future to create jobs and lower costs for families
    Brayton Point Power Station, Somerset, MA”
    My comment: “climate crisis”???????? We have an open border crisis, an inflation crises, high cost of gasoline crisis, drug crisis but evil joe focuses on a fake crisis he calls “climate” crisis. The guy is sick and, we, the average hard working American as well as our country are suffering as a result of this evil man. Putin and Xi of China are elated over biden destructive actions on our country!

  4. What will he do regarding other nations who produce more coal than the US. Figures from 2020 show China producing 3.900 million tons a year, India 756. Indonesia 562 and US 484. These otyher countries want to create jobs and grow their econmy. Australia is converting coal to clean burning hydrogen and exporting it to Japan. Why cn’t the US do the same. The process works best using Wyomings brown coal.

    Only 1% of Americnas consider climate change as a top problem to solve.

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