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Staff continue to flee Kamala

Vice President Harris must be the boss from hell. One would think working for the vice president would be a pretty cool job. But not for this one apparently.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Rohini Kosoglu, domestic policy adviser to Vice President Kamala Harris, has announced she’ll be leaving the position in August, continuing a high rate of turnover in Harris’s staff.

It was also reported that Meghan Groob, Harris’s director of speechwriting, is leaving after working in the office for less than four months.

Kosoglu is one of the longest-serving aides working under Harris, beginning with her time in the Senate and continuing through her brief presidential campaign and her time serving as a second-in-command to President Joe Biden . . .

Harris has become known for a high rate of turnover during her 18 months as vice president, including the loss of her chief of staff, deputy press secretary, and communications director since last fall.

3 thoughts on “Staff continue to flee Kamala”

  1. Between Biden and Harris, the Whitehouse has seen more turnover than the Pillsbury Doughboy. At this point in Trumps administration, turnover was 1%. At this point in 0bama’s, 4%. Biden is currently hovering at 17% and Harris is over 25%.

    Rats abandoning a sinking ship is the only simile that comes to mind right away.

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