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White House Dossier will return Friday, July 15

Dear readers,

Please accept my apologies for being away the past couple of weeks. I appreciate so much the concern some of you have expressed about my absence, the issue has only been overwhelming demands from work obligations. I have continually expected to get back and so did not put up a notice that I would be absent, though I should have. But I will back starting Friday with new posts, mostly on weekdays.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for reading.


10 thoughts on “White House Dossier will return Friday, July 15”

  1. Rebekah, thanks for the update…. so looking forward to visiting the WHD daily, one of the only sources for accuracy in reporting.

    Thanks very much, best to all


  2. Thank-you for letting us know your MIA was work related and not illness or some other tragic situation. When we don’t know, the idle mind can run wild. Looking forward to seeing you back in your usual top form.

  3. Rebekah, I just read your note above. Everybody above has expressed the thoughts that ran through my mind as I read your note above.

    God keep you and your family safe and healthy

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