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Photo of the Day | Biden notecard includes instructions to sit down

They forget to include: Don’t show everyone YOUR notecard or they will think you are declining mentally.

7 thoughts on “Photo of the Day | Biden notecard includes instructions to sit down”

  1. Beyond pathetic. For the imbecile in chief and his coterie of handlers, sycophants, and other assorted useless appendages on the taxpayer payroll propping up this fraud. This administration is a sick joke.

  2. They forgot to scribble in… “breathe!”

    “Say hello!”…. Come on,man! He can’t be that brain dead he forgets to acknowledge everyone!

  3. People with dementia display two primary emotions: anger and/or confusion. They cannot handle nuance, like don’t let people see your card. This is all so shocking. Hope the MSM is proud of themselves.

  4. Today, we received confirmation that this part time fraud of a POTUS is in fact suffering from dementia. It’s one thing to always have his note cards with bullet points on the issues of the day, or photos, names and titles of people he’s meeting with. But, this little script today is just beyond belief. He has to be handed a script telling him to walk into the room, say hello, take a seat, ask a question, depart the meeting.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. He’s been getting worse every week for the last six to nine months. They’re controlling him and limiting his press availability more and more. He’s going to need Nurse Jill when he goes to Europe this weekend for the G-7 Summit and then the NATO Summit.

    Here’s an article with a pic of the little script card:

    Offshore Wind Drop-By Sequence of Events

    • YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants.

    • YOU take YOUR seat.

    • Press enters.

    • YOU give brief comments (2 minutes).

    • Press departs (t).

    • YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question.
    Note: Liz is joining virtually.

    • YOU thank participants.

    • YOU depart.

  5. The fact that they have to type YOU is the shocking part.

    As in, YOU zip your fly after your men’s room visit.

    I still say, The Emperor’s New Clothes.
    It would be one thing if America was chugging along economically, safe at the border, etc. But combine it with this weakened man, crumbling in front of us, and his own people ignoring what all of us see in plan daylight?

    1. I think I saw the back of that card in a brief video clip. It looked like someone scribbled a couple of lines of notes. I think it was about the SCOTUS decision that morning about the NY gun case. It looked like he was referring to the notes that he or some staffer wrote on the back of the card with the preprinted script of instructions for the wind meeting. That’s why that part was facing the camera; he was looking at the last minute notes scribbled on the back. He couldn’t even talk about the recently announced SCOTUS gun decision without some notes to refer to.

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