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Biden Schedule | Monday, June 19, 2022

10:15 am || Departs Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
11:10 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern


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7 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Monday, June 19, 2022”

    1. Other random thoughts:
      Biden spent Juneteenth on a beach with a bunch of lily white folk, and the media did not notice?
      Will he make some proclamation today? Hello, anything?
      If not, what does that really say about how he feels about the day?

      Back to work, for me.

  1. Consider that he spends 3 nights a week in DE, 2 nights for travel to sell his agenda then that lesves just 2 nightss at the WH. To be faif Air Force One is an Oval Office on wings. He can make calls, etc. He also has a bedroon.

  2. As if it wasn’t bad enough that dopey Jill interrupted Slow Joe mid sentence talking to reporters on Friday on the way to Marine One and told him they had to go (to the beach house), yesterday his granddaughter and daughter tried to end his talking to reporters as they took their little photo opp beach stroll. His daughter Ashley appears to think that she can order the press around and tell them “no more questions”:

    “President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley and granddaughter Natalie tried to pull the president away from reporters Monday after he started gabbing to the press mid-Rehoboth Beach walk. 

    ‘Nope, like no more – No more questions,’ Ashley Biden said in a sing-song voice behind her dad, putting up her hands. 

    But then Biden was asked about the forthcoming G7 meeting and couldn’t resist giving an answer about his agenda there. 

    ‘Yes, one of the things that you may recall that I initiated was the international flat tax. We got 140-some nations to sign on,’ he began. 

    ‘I’m coming,’ he told Natalie who was hovering alongside his left shoulder. 

    ‘This is my son Beau’s oldest daughter and she’s trying to tell me “dad, grandpa, pop, get going,”‘ the president said. asked the Biden women how they spent Father’s Day with the president Sunday.  

    ‘We had dinner,’ Natalie replied. 

    ‘All hung out together,’ Ashley answered. 

    ‘And we did puzzles,’ Natalie added. 

    The Biden clan – which also included granddaughter Naomi and her fiance Peter Neal – slowly walked down Rehoboth Beach Monday, a federal holiday thanks to Biden signing a bill last year to include Juneteenth, with the president taking photos and selfies with beachgoers, who clustered around him.”

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