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Biden hits new high for negatives in Fox News poll

Even his peeps on the Left are liking him less. After all, prices are going up for both liberals and conservatives.

The Fox News poll is not biased to the right, it’s done by a Republican and a Democratic pollster.

According to Fox News:

Fifty-seven percent view Biden negatively, while 42% view him positively.

Not only is he at a high unfavorable rating with voters overall, but he also reaches new levels of disappointment among his core voters: 60% of voters under age 30, 55% of Hispanics, 53% of women, and 18% of Democrats all see record negative ratings.

His negatives are also at the highest point of his presidency among liberals (28%) and moderates (59%).

“This is a very tight spot for Biden,” says Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who conducts the Fox News Poll alongside Republican Daron Shaw. “If he moves to stabilize his ratings on the left, it could easily lead to more erosion in the middle and hurt his reelection prospects. But if he doesn’t address his problems on the left, his ratings could really crater.”

2 thoughts on “Biden hits new high for negatives in Fox News poll”

  1. I still don’t understand how he can be viewed favorably by 42% when his unfavorable ratings on most important issues are SO far underwater. Bizarre.

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