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Republicans say Mayorkas misled them about disinformation board

Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley and Josh Hawley say Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas was spreading disinformation about the disinformation board.

The Biden White House tried to claim this was an innocent continuation of a Trump-era attempt to root out malign foreign influence. But they put in charge of the thing an highly politicize liberal partisan.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been accused of misleading top Republican senators about the purposes of the controversial Disinformation Governance Board.

Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley and Josh Hawley argue the board was designed with more power than the top Biden official admitted during testimony.

Mayorkas repeatedly downplayed the power and role of the group during congressional testimony, telling the Senate Homeland Security Committee last month it was “established with the explicit goal of ensuring that the protection of free speech, privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties is incorporated into all of the department’s disinformation work.” He contended that “we’re not the Truth Police” and said the board “does not have any operational authority or capability.”

The board was at least temporarily put on hold following the controversy surrounding Director Nina Jankowicz, who later resigned. She has a history of either labeling claims as disinformation that were later found to have credibility or giving credence to assertions that were later discredited.

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