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Biden threats against fossil fuels driving gas prices up: CNBC’s Santelli

President Biden suggests there is only so much he can do about rising gas prices. But there is something he can stop doing: Talking down fossil fuels. Why start new drilling projects if they are only going to get canceled?

4 thoughts on “Biden threats against fossil fuels driving gas prices up: CNBC’s Santelli”

  1. This is where Trump is a master — and really it is Econ 101… Encouraging people to invest in things based on knowing that he has their back… and they can make the investments.

    This is annoying in that it is really not difficult….. Get supply up and RELIABLE supply set and the prices will fall. Uncertainty is also a big part of the price hikes… Not greed..(don’t get me going on that)

  2. Biden could cancel his cancellation, of President Trump’s energy policy. He won’t of course, his intent is to destroy the country. Everything DJT did to make us energy independent, and prosperous, Biden erased. Our border, economy, prosperity….all erased by Biden and whoever is pulling his strings.

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