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Meet Joe Biden’s closest adviser: His son Hunter

Okay, now we know why everything is falling apart. A former crack addict is the power behind the throne.

According to Miranda Devine in the New York Post:

Friends of Hunter say he discusses the finer points of Ukraine policy and other matters of state around the dinner table with his father on his regular weekend visits home to Delaware or Camp David.

One former friend describes him as his father’s “closest adviser.”

Hunter also boasted to his former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, by the pool of the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood in May 2017, that he had his father’s ear and got him to do what he wanted by ­bypassing his gatekeepers and speaking to him directly.

3 thoughts on “Meet Joe Biden’s closest adviser: His son Hunter”

    1. …I need some crack cocaine and skanky hookers (just like Hunter’s on videos on PornHub -LOL) to read that story

  1. Hunter Biden” if only he was in the GOP…. there would have been a multitude of expose on him and his nefarious and ill fated romps. He is a train wreck. Note that even daddy Joe would not have him in his administration. That tells all.

    Son, you are my boy, but lord you are an eff up.
    \Wouldn’t you love to hear what Barack Obama thinks of him?

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