In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Biden wants to raise taxes by $3.5 trillion

This is how the White House can claim all its new spending is “paid for.” It used to be called “tax and spend.” Now it’s known as “pay for new investments.” One of the grand innovations here would be to make our corporate taxes the highest in the developed world, putting US companies at a grave competitive disadvantage. According to the Wall Street Journal: Many

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Biden Disinformation Board was going to work with Twitter to police speech

According to the Washington Times: Homeland Security’s ill-fated disinformation board would have been part of an effort to work with private social-media platforms to police their content, two senators revealed Wednesday, citing new documents provided to them by a whistleblower. The documents described the issues that led Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to want to create the board. Among them were such heated topics as debates over

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