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Video | Treasury Secretary Yellen ignores questions about inflation

You would think she might have something to share with us, given that she has been repeated wrong about how bad inflation would be and how long it would last.

She was asked:

Secretary Yellen. If you admit that you are wrong about inflation being temporary, how can you be confident that government spending is not the cause of inflation?

Did you ever warn the White House that increased government spending could have contributed to the inflation that we’re seeing today?

2 thoughts on “Video | Treasury Secretary Yellen ignores questions about inflation”

  1. Weatherman ignores question on forecast…
    Dentist ignores question on tooth care…

    Amazed at the level of crappy talent we choose to elect, appoint, hire… for our government…

  2. Her goose is cooked.
    Her credibility is shot.
    Under normal times, she would be gone in 30 days.
    But with this group of bumbling boobies, she will languish on.


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