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Bill Barr says Trump should not run for reelection

According to the Washington Examiner:

Former Attorney General Bill Barr says Donald Trump should not attempt a Grover Cleveland and run for president again after losing his reelection campaign in 2020 .

“I’m all for restoring America . That’s what I’m all about, is restoring the greatness of this country. And the principle threat is this progressive agenda. The only way to do that is not to speak about some other election and continue this trench warfare but instead a breakthrough election that will create and usher in an era just like Reagan did,” said Barr in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

“I don’t necessarily want to take a shot at Trump, but Trump is not that man,” he said, adding that the former president would be a 78-year-old lame duck the day he walked into office.

“He does not have the capacity to win the kind of transformative election. He may have been, historically, a necessary figure, and I give him all credit for bringing to a screeching halt the progressive march that occurred under the Obama administration and threatened the country going forward with Hillary Clinton,” said Barr.

5 thoughts on “Bill Barr says Trump should not run for reelection”

  1. Yeah, well, despite your time as AG, Bill, Hillary is still free as a bird. You had your chance, and you scr…um…metaphorically speaking, committed an indecency with a Canis familiaris.

    And that makes you unreliable. Now go away, kid, you bother me.

  2. Not surprisingly, Barr’s analysis is off base. He acts like there isn’t another, more evil “progressive march” occurring right now. Unless Trump passes the mantle to DeSantis for 2024, Trump is the only one who can bring this threat to a screeching halt once again.

  3. Trump will tone down the ‘whining’ about the 2020 election at the right time…. and win the 2024 election. Four more years of Trump will be better than eight of anyone else… and really 4 for Trump plus 8 of DeSantis (or some other person) is the ticket to getting the Supreme Court set and get other things done.

    Barr is not the person I look to for election advice. He is less the solution and more of the problem.

    $4.75 a gallon for gas…. I think a rock on the ballot as an ‘R’ will win btw…

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