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Video | Biden appears to hide a yawn during discussion of baby formula shortage

This probably says a lot.

And forgets the name of his HHS secretary.

6 thoughts on “Video | Biden appears to hide a yawn during discussion of baby formula shortage”

  1. What an embarrassment to our country, this guy ist! This guy belongs not in the White House but in the retirement house for cognizant-challenged seniors.

  2. This morning a retired friend of mine commented that besides gas pricing, things are pretty good out there.
    Oh yeah, they have CNN on all day long.

    1. Imagine… retired friend of yours.. losing all that wealth to inflation.. The $1Million set aside… buys $900,000 of what it used to… but with the the money in the market it is even worse… oh and the effect is cumulative over the rest of those golden years…. Losing all that acquired wealth and spending…. for a few less mean tweets

  3. UPDATE: the retiree has a public job retirement, so regardless of his equity in his residence or the markets, he has a guaranteed income for life, plus benes.
    And that is why we are still working and paying taxes and dumping $ into our 401k . And why he has no worries or concerns.
    I do not envy his occupation, but so many in that realm live in a world where they depend on the public largesse and are a bit clueless.

    Hey, we choose our jobs, and that is aok.

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