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Biden to create Office of Environmental Justice at HHS

Once you run out of causes, y0u can start to combine them.

According to Fox News:

The Biden administration on Tuesday announced the creation of an Office of Environmental Justice to tackle climate-related issues “to protect the health of disadvantaged communities and vulnerable populations on the frontlines of pollution.”

The office will be part of the Department of Health and Human Services and is within the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity.

“By creating this new office and prioritizing environmental justice at HHS, Secretary [Xavier] Becerra is undertaking the type of bold institutional reform that is desperately needed to deliver clean air and clean water for all communities,” White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Brenda Mallory said in a statement. “Today’s announcement is a key step toward confronting environmental injustice – in all of its heartbreaking forms – with the full force and commitment of the Federal government.”

4 thoughts on “Biden to create Office of Environmental Justice at HHS”

  1. “Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ)”????? It seems to me that anything dealing with “Justice” should be in the Dept of Justice. Per newsmax “The OEJ … has plans to especially concentrate on how these issues affect poor and marginalized Americans. ” Shouldn’t “justice” be applied to everybody not just “poor” and “marginalized”? Sounds like discrimination to me. Biden and his entire cabinet are nothing but a bunch of deranged people.

  2. When in doubt, create a new office or entity that has a clever ringing name and sounds so darn good for the people. In the end, most of these fail but then it is too late; you already created a work force thing that cannot be reversed.

    Consider Thrive NYC: Mayor DiBlasio’s wife chaired this scheme. Spent nearly $1billion tax dollars to fund a program that no one knew about, employed many, accomplished nothing. It stated with 54 programs… 54. Most based on mental health issues, which again sounds good. But results? Schmultz. Crime if off the hook in NYC, mostly due to mental health and lack of police presence.

    Mission accomplished.

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