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Secretary of Education Cardona is a master at not answering questions

That is, obfuscation.

In these videos, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona during a House Education and Labor Committee hearing tries to talk around questions about whether biological boys should play on girls teams . . .

. . . and whether schools can withhold from parents the news that their child is undergoing sex change.

But his dodging and weaving make his sentiments clear.

1 thought on “Secretary of Education Cardona is a master at not answering questions”

  1. Born in CT, good academic record, taught elementary school in CT.
    2019, appointed to run CT schools by the Gov.
    2020, Biden picks Cardona to run the whole shebang.
    So, prior to 2019, he only had local school experience.
    If you ck the boxes, amazing things can happen.
    Then again, good luck when you get to the top and do not have the experience or skill to handle the task as hand.


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