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Obama officials met with Iranians secretly in effort to subvert Trump policy

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Senior Obama administration officials engaged in a secret meeting with Iran in 2018 as part of an effort to undermine the Trump administration’s diplomatic push to isolate the hardline regime, according to an internal State Department document.

As the Trump administration worked to increase economic pressure on Iran in 2018, a delegation of “U.S. former ambassadors held a secret, “off-the-record” meeting with former Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif at his residence in New York City, according to a State Department memo unearthed this week as part of a lawsuit brought to compel the release of this information. The meeting took place around the same time John Kerry was reported to be working behind-the-scenes with Iranian officials to salvage the 2015 nuclear accord.

The internal memo, which is marked unclassified, details how these former U.S. ambassadors conducted shadow diplomacy with Iran’s top envoy surrounding “nuclear weapons, potential prisoner swaps, [the] Afghanistan withdrawal, and negotiations with the Taliban,” according to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a legal advocacy group that sued the State Department to obtain the internal memo.

7 thoughts on “Obama officials met with Iranians secretly in effort to subvert Trump policy”

  1. An example of the swamp, the deep state at work. Will they be persecuted? No, the current corrupt administration will protect them.

  2. Further evidence America’s laws are not applied equally. Laws for thee but not for me is the grease for a slippery slope to ruin. Julie Kelly’s piece today on the tale of two DC courtrooms is a very specific example of this happening in real time. Discouraging.

  3. How does a foreign enemy from Iran, have home in NY? I remember when Pelosi went to Syria, despite being told not to, during GWB. Why isn’t Obama’s meeting considered “subversion” or “treason?” All of this is just added evidence that Obama wanted to take down a rightfully elected President Trump.

  4. We’re living in the age of the non sequitur: black deaths are attributed to white supremacists whose numbers wouldn’t fill a minor league baseball park, the gender confused aren’t happy being g.c. they have to recruit ergo “groomers”, teachers take hours out of curriculum time to ‘COME OUT” to children. Why is that more important than multiplication? We’re rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell w Biden at the switch but news former pres. Obama undermining the Trump administration committing open treason isn’t news. It’s reparations. _ML

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