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The Bush dynasty comes to what could be the end

It started with Donald Trump’s destruction of Jeb Bush, who was expected by everyone to continue to Bush dynasty by becoming president in 2016. If he had gotten the nomination, he might still be president right now.

Instead, Tuesday night, the last vestige of the Bush dynasty disappeared. Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, Jeb’s son who was supposed to carry the flame for the next couple of decades, was crushed in the Texas Republican attorney general primary.

He will now be out of a job.

According to Fox News:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, facing multiple scandals but very popular with conservatives for his legal crusades against President Biden’s administration, walloped challenger George P. Bush by a more than two-to-one margin in the GOP primary runoff election Tuesday.

Bush, who was the last elected member of his family’s political dynasty – which over four generations has produced two presidents, a vice president, a senator, two governors and a congressman – was long viewed as a rising star in the GOP and was elected and re-elected to the statewide office of Texas land commissioner. He acknowledged in a statement Tuesday night that “things didn’t go as we planned.”

And in the wake of his defeat, Bush’s political future and the survival of his family’s brand are very much in doubt.

“History has shown there can be second acts in American politics, so I wouldn’t say never. But I think that he is politically greatly diminished from the results last night,” longtime Texas based GOP strategist Brendan Steinhauser told Fox News.

And he predicted that in the short term “I think it’s more likely he goes into the private sector.”

2 thoughts on “The Bush dynasty comes to what could be the end”

  1. The only thing in this article I take issue with is the idea that Jeb had any intention of winning in 2016. I think he was just the uniparty representative they put in place to block any viable GOP candidates, take a fall, and let Hillary win so the GOP could continue to collect donations and pretend to be the opposition party. That’s the reason the main line GOP is so angry at Trump. He upset the plan. So long to the Bush’s and all their useless wars.

  2. Once upon a time, back in the day, I was a Bush devotee. I truly thought they were the team to tag on to, the ones with the compass pointed true north. I still believe many of the Bush clan are good folks, but they are too entangled in the GOP web to lead a nation that desperately needs honest leadership.

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