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Biden Schedule | Thursday, May 26, 2022

The president has no publicly scheduled events


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2 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Thursday, May 26, 2022”

  1. Perhaps he’s just tired today?

    Small wonder. At his age, it must be more than just a little strenuous, to tap dance on so many childrens’ graves in the name of political power.

  2. I was away a few days, read virtually nothing about Biden, sort of a cleanse.
    Still wondering what is the October surprise, what will the DNC contrive to get this man out of office in the next year. He is setting a terrible pace that will not be reversed unless the Dems find firmer ground. Regardless of their ideology, they must understand that lack of voter support will not make their goal more achievable. The big surprise is coming, that we can count on.

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