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Harris has stopped rooting out the root causes of illegal immigration

Well, looks like the root causes of illegal immigration are going to remain hidden under the soil.

According to Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked by President Biden with leading the administration’s efforts to combat “root causes” of the crisis at the southern border more than a year ago. But now, with massive numbers again amassing at the border, the matter is barely appearing on her schedule.

Harris [in June] took off on a trip to Guatemala and Mexico, where she touted U.S. investments in agribusiness, affordable housing, worker protections and women’s empowerment and education, while also calling for anti-corruption efforts from those countries. However, issues like Mexico’s refusal to take back migrant families were not discussed.

She immediately faced pressure on why she hadn’t been to the U.S. border. A border visit to the relatively quiet sector of El Paso soon followed in the last days of June.

At that border visit in June, she said the administration had made “extreme progress” in tackling the crisis.

But after that border visit in June, events related to the issue dried up.