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Fox News’ Doocy stumps new press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on her first day

It wasn’t fair. She asked him about something Joe Biden had tweeted. Who would have guessed there would be a question about it?

She’s not yet even that good at answering a different question than the one asked, a time-honored press secretary dishonest technique. Bit too much word salad here. Needs to work on that.

5 thoughts on “Fox News’ Doocy stumps new press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on her first day”

  1. The problem with the constant “…the wealthiest must pay their fair share…” is nothing but a campaign cliche. These people don’t give a rip about anything but their own income. How long has Biden been a cog in the swamp? How many bills has he introduced to “get the wealthiest to pay their fair share”? Last study I saw, the top 30-some percent of US citizens (in wages) pay 100% of the taxes. How much more does the left want to stick it to people that work for a living? I say NO, you can’t have any more of my very hard-earned money because you are lazy losers and don’t deserve it.

    So the point is not to have any real tax equity, the point is to hit a sore spot in their jealous base. Take from the rich and give to the poor. Works for Robin Hood stories so it must work for the US economy, right? The average US citizen is a total f’ing idiot. I wish people would grow the f up.

  2. This new “Propaganda Secretary” (fixed it Rebekah ;-) is not very smart-quick witted…but she reads her notes/lies ok.
    And I noticed she has no personality…she just reads lying answers to whatever (softball) ‘question’ she is asked by the sycophant dopes in this useless “WH Press Corps”

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