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Texas Gov. Abbott has sent nearly three dozen busloads of illegal immigrants to DC

Unfortunately, there is no way to get them into the White House.

According to the Washington Examiner:

In the month since Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) vowed to bring the border crisis to President Joe Biden’s doorstep, his state has sent 32 buses of migrants to the nation’s capital, and it has no plans of stopping.

A spokesman for the governor’s office told the Washington Examiner on Thursday that the state’s effort to transport migrants to Washington has resulted in 835 people being dropped off since the first bus arrived April 13.

The 32 buses have carried an average of 26 people a bus, though the vehicles have the capacity to carry up to 40. The buses are taxpayer-funded and free of charge to migrants. They serve as a means of easing the transportation burden on Texas towns and nonprofit organizations that are overwhelmed as several thousand migrants are released into the country daily.

Abbott, who is seeking a third term in November, announced April 6 that the state would use emergency evacuation procedures to “take the border to President Biden” as the number of noncitizens illegally crossing the border from Mexico rose in March to some of the highest levels ever seen.

4 thoughts on “Texas Gov. Abbott has sent nearly three dozen busloads of illegal immigrants to DC”

  1. Governor Abbott needs to confiscate any baby formula, before shipping them to Joe. Better yet, take the formula and SEND THEM BACK HOME.

    1. Exactly! Take the phones, formula and whatever cash they’ve been given….THEN SEND THEM BACK SOUTH! While I understand the symbolism of sending them to DC, it doesn’t solve the problem. If Texas has to send criminals back at the point of a gun, then do it! It’s clear our Federal Government won’t defend our sovereign borders, they’re too busy defending Ukraine’s borders!

  2. Rob Astorino of NY is tracking the secret immigrant flights into Westchester Airport in regional NY. This morning he reported that 1 or 2 flights PER NIGHT arrive. Each plane arrives under cloak of darkness, taxis to a private hanger where unmarked white busses take these people to distribution sites in metro NY. 150 people per plane. Most nights one plane. School districts are noting a rise in spanish speaking new students. I have no beef with the people, most just want a better life. But we used to be a nation of law and rule. Biden-gration is really an issue.

    I might go camp out at the airport this week to witness the debacle. I live 15 mins away.

  3. Biden, Harris, and Mayorkas need to be held to account for dereliction of duty to protect and defend the Constitution and the borders. When I was in Iraq in ‘04-‘05 the DOS was instructing Iraqis in ‘Rule of Law’, contrasting now to our own situation where our so-called leaders flaunt these concepts with disdain and a shrug. Treasonous scum should be in jail.

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