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Biden identifies four villains — other than himself — that are causing inflation

The man becomes president, starts spending endless amounts of money and threatening to end fossil fuels, and prices go up. But everyone else is to blame.

According to the Washington Times:

President Biden on Tuesday blamed Russia’s war in Ukraine, corporate greed, the pandemic and the policies of “ultra-MAGA Republicans” for causing record-high inflation.

He insisted that Democrats’ big spending didn’t spur the highest price increases in 40 years, though some economists disagree.

“It’s not because of spending,” Mr. Biden said when asked whether he is to blame for inflation. “I think our policies help, not hurt.”

In a White House speech aimed at soothing voters’ frustration in the midterm election year, Mr. Biden said he is tackling inflation on several fronts without cooperation from Republicans. He stood in front of a blue banner bearing the phrases “tackling inflation” and “lowering costs.”

“I want every American to know that I’m taking inflation very seriously, and it’s my top domestic priority,” the president said.

5 thoughts on “Biden identifies four villains — other than himself — that are causing inflation”

  1. “Never underestimate Biden’s ability to fk things up”……Barack Obama

    Biden should resign or be impeached. Gutless republicans should put impeachment front and center and keep the pressure on.

    1. I agree, Cooper. The Demoncrats impeached President Trump with a vengeance TWICE for no valid reason. There are now valid reasons to impeach Biden; let’s see what the Republicans do when they take control of the House. If impeached, biden won’t be removed from office since I am sure Senate demoncrats won’t support it but at least it will be on biden’s record that this senile, incompetent person has been impeached.

  2. He yells, he stumbles, he lies with abandon, he fails to achieve a positive result.
    The true failure is that he does not recognize he is in charge, he must lead. He spent decades following the herd, placating voters, never taking responsibility. a political survivor despite his inability. It is shocking, disturbing, but in the end, invigorating like minded voters to turn out in November to right the ship.


  3. You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes
    And your smile is a thin disguise
    I thought by now you’d realize
    There ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes

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