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Biden protecting Syria’s Assad from sanctions: Report

Anything not to anger Assad’s ally, Iran, whom President Biden desperately wants to placate.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

The Biden administration is trying to shield Syrian president Bashar al Assad from sanctions via a congressionally mandated report, according to lawmakers who say it is “late, lackadaisical, and riddled with errors.”

The State Department was required on Tuesday to issue a report to Congress detailing the Syrian dictator’s financial empire but failed to meet that deadline. After requests for information on the report from the Washington Free Beacon and a pressure campaign from Republican foreign policy leaders, the State Department posted the report late Thursday.

The final report contained several errors, little-to-no new information about Assad’s empire, and left Republican lawmakers livid over what they say is the Biden administration’s bid to withhold critical information that could help Congress craft sanctions on Assad’s family and financial allies, including his benefactors in Iran.

Prior to the report’s release, Republican members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee told the Free Beacon that the Biden administration was withholding the report in order to avoid irritating Iran amid negotiations over a new nuclear agreement.

2 thoughts on “Biden protecting Syria’s Assad from sanctions: Report”

  1. What are the chances the O’biden admin has a few billion sitting on the pallets, held in “escrow” waiting for say Kerry, Biden and the real Big Guy, Obama. once this insane deal is reinstated? Why else the insistence on this, as once again being rammed thru?

  2. Interesting to hear sicko Sen Menendez yesterday on Bret Bair yesterday, defiantly saying he is against this new Iran deal.

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