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Biden bans Menthol cigarettes

So cigarettes are still legal. But they’re not allowed to taste good.

A higher percentage of black smokers than whites use menthol cigarettes. Will black voters take this out on president Biden and the Democrats?

And are police going to be seizing menthol cigarettes from people?

5 thoughts on “Biden bans Menthol cigarettes”

  1. The NAACP president actually praised this move, but you can already hear the cries of racism and systematic oppression by actual black (81%) and hispanic (60%) menthol smokers!

  2. The only kind I ever smoked were menthols, as I didn’t like the taste of regular cigarettes. I finally stopped smoking cigarettes about 25 years ago, and only smoke weed now.

  3. Dang, where are my Newport Lights?
    Granted, all smoking is risky and addictive, but why just menthol?
    Racism, of course.
    While we are at it, what about tootie fruitie vaping?

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