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Video | Giving Kamala Harris her space

She talks to armed forces servicemembers as if they were children. And she talks to children as if they were nuts.

Australian TV does a great takedown of the woman who, incredibly,could become president any split second.

7 thoughts on “Video | Giving Kamala Harris her space”

    1. I don’t know how much more this country can take of this ultra liberal,
      far left, crazy mindset.
      She’s going to wind up in the loony bin before its all over.
      This is what happens when you bring on a vice president for the votes only.

  1. And that is exactly how most of the world sees Kamala. As a “space cadet”.
    And why does she talk to the kids about moon craters as IF she has been there?
    Maybe she has….
    VP Moonbeam

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