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Obama: Internet must recognize people’s ‘dignity’ and have the ‘best available information’

Barack Obama decided to travel to Stanford University in tech country Thursday to give a scary speech on — limiting speech. His “guiding principles” for social media and the internet included all sorts of rules for what you can say:

Here is what I think our guiding principles should be. The way I’m going to evaluate any proposal touching on social media and the internet is whether it strengthens or weakens the prospects for a healthy, inclusive democracy, whether it encourages robust debate and respect for our differences, whether it reinforces rule of law and self-governance, whether it helps us make collective decisions based on the best available information, and whether it recognizes the rights and freedoms and dignity of all of our citizens. Whatever changes contribute to that vision, I’m for. Whatever erodes that vision, I’m against. Just so you know.

And the students and Standford, star-struck by Obama and brainwashed by their professors, lapped it up.


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