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Hillary Clinton: Tech companies have ‘amplified disinformation’ for too long

The totalitarian instincts are kicking in as she considers whether to run for president yet again in 2024.

No more disinformation? Does the First Amendment guarantee all speech except for “disinformation”? Who decides what it is, Hillary?

Ironically, she want’s to “bolster global democracy” by limiting speech.

4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Tech companies have ‘amplified disinformation’ for too long”

  1. Hillary maligns others for having “amplified disinformation and extremism with no accountability”. Isn’t that just what Hillary and Democrats do?

  2. Yes, tech platforms have promoted disinformation by NOT reporting real news. Why, why, why, is anyone listening to the queen of propaganda.

  3. Hideous woman should be in prison, along with Barry Hussein, and hopefully soon Hunter and his rest of his grifter family including the Big Guy. The scum of the earth, these Demorats. Never gonna happen though, never does. They can all go to hell.

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