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Biden to start making every military vehicle ‘climate friendly’

A new mission for the U.S. military!

Not what corners will they cut to get emissions down from armored vehicles? Should missiles be emission-free too?

It’s fine if we lost the next war. As long as we do it in a climate-friendly manner.

4 thoughts on “Biden to start making every military vehicle ‘climate friendly’”

  1. Idiocy on parade, once again.
    Let’s see what is next:
    Rat poison that shoos them away.
    Solar jackhammers that take a week to crack concrete
    Police cars with silent sirens, they just wave their arms in frenzy.
    No more ice in cocktails. We need to save it.


  2. So is Biden mandating charging stations for all these “earth friendly” military vehicles? How long will they have to “charge” before resuming a fight? Just when you think this administration can’t get more anti-American, or crazier, they come up with “green” military vehicles! When AF1 flies solely on wind or solar power, THEN we can talk about the military vehicles.

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