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Video | Biden, Harris, and Psaki apparently maligned border patrol agents for doing their jobs

Border Patrol agents on horseback were accused of whipping illegal immigrants trying to cross into the United States. Except, they didn’t have whips. They were pulling the reins of their horses.

Now, a report is being released about the investigation into their behavior, which some have said was in accordance with policy. The results are not known, but according to Fox News’ Bret Baier, no one is being punished. That suggests nothing much was done wrong.

“The guys are not being punished,” reported Baier. “Remember how much coverage was given to that moment and those allegations?”

And remember who was stoking the fire?

5 thoughts on “Video | Biden, Harris, and Psaki apparently maligned border patrol agents for doing their jobs”

  1. After a long investigation, the illegals-loving, American-hating biden administration will issue a report basically saying the border patrol agents on horseback did nothing wrong. Instead of going after the law-breaking illegals, this corrupt administration spends the time, effort, manpower and our tax dollars investigating our law enforcement agents who were simply doing their job to protect America. Crooked biden and his enablers must truly hate law enforcement, our country and our citizens.

    On a side note, I live in a quiet suburb outside Philadelphia. At the gym, illegals are showing up literally on a daily basis. They are easy to spot because of the way they carry themselves, the language they speak (horrible spanish) among other features. Our country is literally being invaded.
    I recently took an on-line course on the Fall of the Roman Empire. One big factor was the sudden flow of foreigners (“Barbarians”) into the Roman Empire. Our country is headed the same way if evil biden and his handlers are not stopped in a timely manner. 2024 can’t get here fast enough.

  2. I just commented on this the other day to my husband. I told him that Biden, Kamala and Psaki all owe those Border Patrol agents a public apology. When they were all asked about this alleged incident last fall, the only appropriate answer was something like, “As you know, the matter is currently under investigation. So, I’ll let that investigation take place before any comments.” Joe and Kamala especially, as lawyers, should have know better. But, they just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to smear the agents as “racists”.

    I’d love to see the agents send Biden, Kamala and Psaki a letter demanding an apology for their defamatory remarks. And, publish it in major newspapers as an open letter.

  3. I’m trying to decide who has the most annoying voice, Kamala Harris or Psaki. It’s almost impossible to listen to either of them.

  4. Maybe the Border Agents can attend the Cinco de Mayo fest at the WH and all dress up like Pancho Villa. Then when Biden starts to talk about the border, they will put a hand on his shoulder and escort him away,.
    Hey, worked with the Easter Bunny, right?


  5. I like when Psaki called them “innocent”. They are criminals in the act of committing a crime. Period. Deport them immediately. Drop them out of an airplane over Mexico if you have to. Case closed.

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