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Psaki doesn’t deny White House mulling keeping Title 42 immigration rule

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Wednesday didn’t quite deny reports that the White House is reconsidering revoking Title 42, which allowed the administration to deport illegal aliens to prevent the spread of Covid into the U.S. from Latin America.

The problem is that, once that is ended, the massive surge to the border already occurring will get even worse. And at least nine Senate Democrats are questioning the wisdom of revoking Title 42.

Psaki is asked if the White House is talking about reversing its decision. Note that she doesn’t quite say they are not. “Right now, we are planning and preparing for the end of Title 42 enforcement on May 23rd,” she said. Key words and terms: “Right now,” “planning,” and “preparing.” Not “we will” end it.

1 thought on “Psaki doesn’t deny White House mulling keeping Title 42 immigration rule”

  1. I’ve been predicting for the last couple of weeks that they’ll end up extending it at least 60 days, (and then after that, more extensions until after Election Day). That’s why they had Slow Joe’s buddy Chris Coons state on Face the Nation on Sunday that he thinks the rollback of Title 42 should be “reconsidered appropriately”.

    The WH had Coons float the trial balloon to get people ready for Title 42 being extended. They know that in an election year they simply cannot have millions flooding the border, and cities throughout Texas and all across America, all summer and fall. They’ll just have to try to appease the liberal lefties that it has to be temporarily extended due to the uptick in Covid cases.

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