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Video | Biden says it’s up to you whether to wear a mask on planes

A federal judge ruled that the Centers for Disease Control could not tell you whether to wear masks on public transportation.

So President Biden is forced to end a mandate making people wear masks to prevent a disease that is not particularly prevalent nor dangerous at this point. Certainly no more than the flu is in the winter, and we don’t wear masks for that.

5 thoughts on “Video | Biden says it’s up to you whether to wear a mask on planes”

  1. The left control freaks are all screaming in anguish that there is at least one federal judge that still thinks we are supposed to be a free country.

    “The ability to breathe freely” should fall squarely under the umbrella of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, but the left thinks they should have access to restrict everyone’s ability to breathe. I think we all put up with it far longer than we should have. God bless those who pushed back against this idiotic mandate, frequently inflicting damage on themselves.

    In my (fairly experienced) opinion, masks were absolutely NOT proven to help with this pandemic. I have never seen any study showing that implementing a mask mandate made any difference in new covid cases. But that doesn’t stop the left from claiming they were “following the science”, which was always a crock of shit.

  2. I got Covid last Monday. Vaxxed, boosted, wore a mask when asked to. Still got it.
    Fortunately, just like a bad head cold, still with some lingering congestion. Assuming you are in decent health, get the vax and booster and go about your life. Do not live in fear of covid, live in fear of those that seek to control your life, not protect it.

    This was not the demon it once was, probably thanks to the vax.
    As a close friend of mine opined, hey, it ain’t VD.
    I chuckled.


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