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Video | Biden takes direction from the Easter Bunny

Gosh, let’s hope Xi Jinping wasn’t watching!

It appears the president had strayed off message, and so the Easter Bunny took charge.

6 thoughts on “Video | Biden takes direction from the Easter Bunny”

    1. JG… she only has a few weeks before the big bucks coming rolling in from MUCH SLANDEROUS-NBC she doesn’t want to keep cleaning up his mess!

      Talking about messes… funny we never see the wet nurse chasing dim-Joe!

  1. He’s getting worse every day. The handlers are trying to keep him away from the press as much as possible. In the last two weeks, he’s had several events each week both at the White House and on the road, but I don’t think he’s taken any formal questions. He’s only taken a handful of questions either on the way to Marine One or at an airport. No complaints from the useless WH press corps, though.

    By the way, it wasn’t Psaki in the Easter Bunny costume. It was Meghan Hays, “Director of Message Planning”. She tweeted a pic of herself with Jill and Joe where she’s in the bunny costume and lifting the head up:

    1. Meghan Hays = she is the screaming “THANK YOU! MOVE ALONG! GET OUT!” media handler we always hear screaming off camera when the useless ‘WH press corps’ tries asking ‘questions’ at events/photo ops

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