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Video | Biden appears to have been pooped on during a speech

President Biden appeared to have been pooped on by a bird during a speech in a barn in Menlo, Iowa Tuesday.

The White House claimed that what landed on his shoulder had something to do with corn.

Americans will debate this for years.

5 thoughts on “Video | Biden appears to have been pooped on during a speech”

  1. Yes it did… processed corn…

    OT/ Reminds me of what one of my high school teachers said to us students (in the midwest) when we would not properly address him as Mr. So-and-So… when we would say “Hey” — he would follow up with “My name is not ‘Hey’ – Hay is the first stage of horse sh*t. My name is Mr. So-and-So”

    And best I can tell, none of us students were scarred or needed trauma counseling , etc. I ain’t JoeBiden old….shows how the world is achanging…

    1. Too bad it wasn’t a flock of American Eagles who “dumped” on the old guy, but still I’m very happy that this bird hit its target. The bird deserves a medal.

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