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White House bashes Alabama bill limiting trans meds for kids

Many of you can remember the outrage on the left when it was discovered that tobacco companies were marketing cigarettes to kids. And that outrage was justified. So how is it that the same group wants to allow doctors to perform life-altering surgery on children?

Children are too young to decide for themselves if they should smoke, they said. And that’s true. But their not too young to decide to change their sex with surgery and drugs.

Where’s the logic here?

According to the Washington Times:

The White House warned of possible legal action Thursday after Alabama’s legislature passed legislation outlawing gender-affirming medicines for transgender youth and a separate bill prohibiting sexual-identity discussions in early grades.

“Republican elected officials are engaging in disturbing, cynical trends of attacking vulnerable transgender kids for purely partisan political reasons,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said of the Alabama laws.

Ms. Psaki went on to suggest the legislation may be unconstitutional, adding that the Justice and Health and Human Services departments are looking into potential legal action.

“LGBTQ+ people can’t be erased or forced back into any closets, and kids across our nation should be allowed to be who they are without the threat of their parents or their doctor could be imprisoned simply for helping them and loving them,” she said.

In a 66-28 vote, the Alabama House of Representatives approved legislation making it a felony for a doctor to prescribe puberty blockers or hormones or perform surgery to aid in the gender transition of people under age 19.

6 thoughts on “White House bashes Alabama bill limiting trans meds for kids”

  1. The disconnect from common sense is so liberal. We have seen this so many times. If the demorats did not have double standards they would have no standards.

  2. Psaki and the rest of her ilk are insanely evil. Would she tolerate for a second her own children being treated like she is suggesting schools and healthcare providers are doing now? Hell no she wouldn’t. It’s only about power over individuals and part of that is breaking down the rights of parents to decide what is best for THEIR children.

    1. These demorat scum also could give a rat’s ass about transgender, it’s just another cudgel for them to use in their crusade for totalitarianism.

  3. Another aspect to this is the parent’s role. With minors, parents are not only physical custodians but also LEGAL custodians. Therefore, it’s the parent’s legal right to have the final say on their children. But the far left extremists believe it’s them (the demoncrat gov’t in pwr) and not the parents who have the final decision.
    Also, I believe treating minors with sex changing hormones is dangerous to their overall healthy development. Minors are still growing specially in the brain area. Neurons and how they function depend heavily on hormones produced by the body itself, not on artificially introduced man-made hormones. These far left demonrats care more about their dangerous ideology than the health of minors.

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