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DeSantis threatens to send illegal immigrants to Delaware

Seems appropriate. Let President Biden deal with them on his weekends at home.

According to Fox News:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that he will send illegal immigrants who are “dumped” into the Sunshine State to sanctuary states like President Biden’s home state of Delaware, which he represented for more than 35 years in the U.S. Senate . . .

“What we’re doing in Florida is saying, ‘We’re not gonna let the recklessness of those policies impact our state,'” DeSantis told those in attendance. “If businesses or contractors are dumping people who are illegal into Florida from southern Texas, you know, we’re gonna go after their ability to do business in Florida.

“If Biden is dumping people, which he has dumped people, they fly them in at two in the morning,” DeSantis continued. “They haven’t done it lately, but they did it many months ago. We now have money where we can reroute them to sanctuary states like Delaware — and we’re gonna do that — to make sure we’re keeping people safe here.”

7 thoughts on “DeSantis threatens to send illegal immigrants to Delaware”

    1. according to 2 aides in his office, neither one knew abot this and could not say if he has or has not started sending busses to Delaware. Unless the press office lets tgem know, they dont know. huh?? didnt even seem to know he announced this in the news..huh?
      We are very supportive if our great FL Gov so its a bit disheartening to get a non-answer from his office staff.

    1. I am with you Susan. I am proud of my great state of Texas. I am sure the corrupt biden administration will do everything possilbe in their power to stop those illegals from reaching DC. Those buses will have to avoid demoncrat controlled states.

      1. JG & Susan,
        I’m from Texas too. The Lake Texhoma area.

        Abbott is also goingg to lokk very closely at the autos in the Rio Grande Valley.

  1. DeSantis said this in November 2021. It is now April 2022 yet nothing, nada, zilch. Why not? Why is the media not pressing him.

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