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Obama is mobbed as an ignored Biden wanders aimlessly in the East Room

President Obama showed up at the White House to celebrate Obamacare. And for a moment, Democrats forgot that his former vice president was now running the shop.

Biden was ignored as a president rarely is.

And then it happened again.


13 thoughts on “Obama is mobbed as an ignored Biden wanders aimlessly in the East Room”

  1. What was also hilarious was some of the discussion of loyalists that folks were making something out of nothing when its kind of obvious……

  2. It should be no surprise the treatment obama rec’d. obama is the Zeus in the pantheon of gods that the far left, secular, socialist, American-hating elites worship. As to slow joe, he is ignored which is also no surprise. He is no god in their religion.

    1. The media helped Obama get his desired third term, everyone in that room with the except Biden, were openly rejoicing at their act of election theft.

  3. Two things I saw in these videos. In the first video it is very clear Slo Joe wears an ear piece to tell him what to say and do. You can clearly see it at the beginning of the clip. In the 2nd clip, it is hilarious when Slo Joe paws at Jug Ears Barack the Magic Negro’s shoulder and he is completely ignored. That’s really funny. No one ever treated President Trump like this when he was in the White House.

  4. It’s not funny – it’s sad. Doesn’t mean I think President Biden is with it or a good President, but someone there should have been more observant (and that includes Obama) to make sure he was included. Most of us do that at work or when we are with a group – we try to make sure the person of honor, etc. is not excluded. Shame on all the attention slobs for not making sure of that.

    1. Wendy, you nailed it. We always honor the President, if not the person.
      Their narcissism is on full display, shame on them.

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