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Video | Psaki won’t say whether men should compete against women in sports

It’s up to the NCAA, she says.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was a swimmer herself. She knows very well the differences between male and female swimmers, and the hard work that goes into being a top woman in the sport.

But suddenly the White House is silent on a topic germane to women’s rights.

5 thoughts on “Video | Psaki won’t say whether men should compete against women in sports”

  1. What the heck happened to NOW and the women’s rights movement?
    Girl Power is gone.
    Say goodbye pink pussy hats.
    Gloria Steinam, take a seat.

    1. I don’t understand why PEDs are banned but “massively genetically and surgically altered” should be allowed. These supposed female athletes benefitted from hormones that built a male body, and should be disqualified. Period.

  2. The Republicans need to take a page out of the Dem playbook and start coining phrases and using them constantly, on Twitter, in speeches, and in their television appearances. Yes, they complain about the transgender agenda in sports and in schools. But, they need to constantly and repeatedly refer to it as “the Democrats’ war on women”!

  3. It seems like Psaki said they are looking into mental health issues associated with trans people. So are they admitting gender dysphoria?

    Dysphoria is defined as: “a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life.
    “adolescents with depression, dysphoria, mania, and anxiety disorders”.

    But instead, the woke crowd seems to accept being trans as “normal”.

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