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FEC fines Clinton campaign for failing to disclose funding of Steele Dossier

A press corps that didn’t want Hillary Clinton elected and Donald Trump destroyed would have found out about this long before it became public.

According to the Washington Times:

The Federal Election Commission has fined Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee for failing to disclose campaign spending that ended up in the pocket of Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored a Russian-based dossier to damage Donald Trump.

The FEC fined Mrs. Clinton’s campaign $8,000 and levied a heftier punishment on the DNC, which must pay a $105,000 penalty.

The agency said the two entities “misreported the purpose of certain disbursements.”

The commission issued the fines after receiving a complaint from the Coolidge Reagan Foundation, which describes itself as a First Amendment watchdog group.

Neither the DNC nor Mrs. Clinton immediately commented about the FEC ruling.

Mr. Trump proclaimed the FEC fines provided further proof that the Clinton campaign and other Democrats were out to damage him politically through the now-discredited Steele dossier.

2 thoughts on “FEC fines Clinton campaign for failing to disclose funding of Steele Dossier”

  1. Crooked Hilary’s campaign fined $8000. What a freaking joke! Crooked hilary has nothing to worry; the corrupt DOJ/FBI will protect her just like they are protecting corrupt joe biden on hunter’s laptop “investigation”. The FBI, at a House hearing, stated they know nothing about the laptop and would not discuss it. See reference below, really interesting interaction between the FBI and Matt Gaetz. Also, the corrupt media is running cover for senile joe biden, claiming there is absolutely no proof that joe biden is involved in any way, shape or form with hunter’s illegal activities. “The Big Guy” is what hunter called joe biden in his emails when discussing his illegal activities with hostile foreign entities.

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