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Video | Biden accidentally tells US troops they’re going to Ukraine

Another contribution to Russian paranoia about what we might do.

5 thoughts on “Video | Biden accidentally tells US troops they’re going to Ukraine”

  1. One more thing… I’d jump too, out of my chair and go watch someone scratch a chalkboard!

    Every time I watch, hear this guy speak I think… this is the president?!

  2. Don’t waste time listening to Biden or trying to make sense of what he is saying. That’s the (impossible?) job of his sign-language interpreter. Just wait for the White House clarification; It will say “The President is clear …” which is why he must be clarified.

  3. Other than letting the cat out of the bag way to early, dopey Joe has once again stuck his feces laden shoe into his ice cream hole. What an embarrassment this pretend ‘leader of the free world’ has become.

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