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Buttigieg agrees with Pelosi that spending reduces the debt

The question is, do they believe this? Listen to the slippery Pete Buttigieg try to make sense of this nonsense and also give an answer to a different question. It’s a new low for political rhetoric, which is a low that the Biden administration was already making hard to find.

6 thoughts on “Buttigieg agrees with Pelosi that spending reduces the debt”

  1. Its Howdy Doody Time.

    The knee bone is connected to the foot bone… good grief.
    Somebody make these “leaders” live just 1 month with a working family and then see if their balderdash makes sense.


    1. Better yet, make them swap with a working family for a month. The working family gets their salary etc. THEY have to live on a working family’s wages WITHOUT the knowledge the working family has to make things work in reduced circumstances.

  2. ‘…spending reduces debt…’
    If I said that in my undergrad “Intro to Macroeconomics” class at University of Delaware 20 years ago…I would have FAILED

  3. Sorry… was something meaningful said by mayor Pete? I had to turn off that gibberish and lies before it made MY nose grow!

    Had one of Trump’s cabinet member said this it would have been front page news!

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