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White House appears close to taking more Iranian oil

So President Biden won’t build the Keystone Pipeline. But as part of a deal on Iranian nukes, he will take the oil of people who want to destroy us.

9 thoughts on “White House appears close to taking more Iranian oil”

  1. These people now have a strong track record of intentionally hurting and destroying our country and bringing havoc, death and destruction thru-out the free world.

    1. Reviving the disastrous obama agreement with Iran and buying oil from Iran is evil. By financially supporting Iran, biden is now helping the evil Iran regime to accelerate their nuclear bomb development and to finance their evil acts on countries west of Iran, all the way to the Mediterranean (Lebanon)

    2. biden is helping the drug, human smugglers and other mexican cartels to become unbelievably wealthy by allowing millions of illegals to liberally cross our borders along with the huge amts of fentanyl which is killing a significant number of our fellow American citizens (mostly the young)

    3. By refusing to stop buying oil from Russia, biden is financially helping putin brutally kill and destroy the people of Ukraine.

    4. Through his harsh rhetoric and actions, biden has deeply intensified the division in our country, racially and culturally.

    These are but a few examples.

    This cannot be by coincidence. There is a plan, a well executed agenda. It’s down right evil. To initiate this plan, their first act was to “guarantee” the defeat of President Trump and to get these evil people in power. We know what happened there.

    1. No, just like last time under Obummer. Kerry and the Obummer administration decided the Iran deal was not a treaty and therefore did not need ratification by Congress. They called it an “agreement”, the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” (JCPOA).

      Many constitutional law experts argued at the time that the JCPOA was unconstitutional and it should have been sent to Congress for advice and consent. But, the Obummer administration declared it an “agreement”, not a treaty and they got away with it.

  2. Iran hang gay people, when women aren’t covered from head to tow they get beaten, they stone women suspected of adultery, the marry off young girls. The Iranian regime has committed crimes as bad as Putin is now doing…..yet Biden wants them to supply our oil! Open up the damn pipeline here!

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